Workstation Management automates routine desktop management tasks such as installing software, patches, and service packs to client computers, standardizing desktops by applying uniform configurations such as wallpapers, shortcuts, printers, and so on, securing client computers 

by restricting USB devices, enforcing security policies, and enabling network system auditing with complete hardware/software inventories, license, and compliance details, and detecting prohibited activities. Simply said, it aids administrators in automating, standardizing, securing, and auditing your Windows network. IT Solution Company and IT Services in DubaiIT Services 24×7

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Not all problems can be resolved remotely. We have a team of Microsoft-certified mobile engineers who can come to your location within a specified timeframe and try to handle any issues you may have with servers, laptops, PCs, or your network. On-site maintenance is available for both software and hardware. Our engineers are well-versed in handling situations involving both software and hardware. 

We also have a day package that includes a ‘floor walker.’ This involves one of our friendly Microsoft certified engineers visiting your site for a specified period of time to walk the floor and fix any IT issues you may have in person, as well as provide advise and answer any questions you may have. IT Services in Dubai

By outsourcing your IT Support activities you are free to focus on your core business processes without worrying about the issues faced due to simple IT issues from time to time. This helps businesses maximize their time, money and manpower utilization effectively. 

It is frequently observed that a large number of IT problems can be resolved remotely, which automatically increases resolution time and saves wasted travel time and costs. By hiring a local IT support provider, you can avoid time zone issues and language barriers that can arise when hiring an MSP from another location.1 IT Solution Company 

Technical support is essential because businesses may face a variety of day-to-day issues when operating an IT infrastructure. IT solutions benefit both large and small businesses by providing professional desktop support. With our extensive experience, we provide the best service to solve the problems that our clients face.



We take care of the critical components of a desktop to ensure that it runs smoothly. We install the most recent application updates on the desktop, as well as the most recent releases and fixes for the operating system. We maintain the security of your desktop with the best antivirus and malware protection software. Contact us if you need an expert desktop support service provider in the UAE. 

We all know the role computers play in this technologically advanced era. We have seen so many changes happening in almost all domains, and computers have made tasks easy for humans. Many companies use desktop computers to increase the efficiency and speed of the activities performed. It has also improved the efficiency of data handling and means of communication.

Remote Desktop Services in Dubai, UAE

The Remote Desktop Protocol was created and programmed by Microsoft. It is only used to remotely connect several machines or servers. RDP software must be installed on the computer that will be used as the target, and an RDP client must be installed on the computer that will connect to the target. 

When it comes to connecting to a machine in a unique location like the United Arab Emirates, the good news is that we can do it for you reliably and affordably. Many servers are only configured to use this feature for Shared Remote Desktop. Simultaneously, you can purchase a plan with dedicated resources that allows you to perform all of the other functions that an online service offers.

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