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IP Telephony Services is the backbone of your network, serving all employees whether they are in the office, at a remote location, or on the go.Organizations save money on telecommunications service rates and expenditures involved with deploying or relocating employee phone systems when voice traffic is integrated into their network. Furthermore, by combining with existing information technology systems such as e-mail or instant messaging, telephone finally results in a more effective means to interact (IM). Other applications can be integrated to give a more seamless communications experience. Best IP telephone system 


IP Telephony Solutions in Dubai

PBX System in Dubai

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In Dubai, UAE, maxinfotech offers technical services that include installation of all major manufacturers, including Avaya, Panasonic, Dlink, Grand Stream, Yeaster, Samsung, Digium, and LG. In today’s business world, a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone is a must-have. A PBX has the advantage of controlling the numbers that can be dialed from within the system. A properly setup PBX can restrict access to some costly phone numbers. The flexibility of the PBX to share a group of lines among numerous extensions also saves money. For example, an office with 100 extensions can easily be served by 10 to 15 lines. This saves a lot of money because every phone in the firm needs to have a line.

Maxinfotech is one of the greatest solutions for IP telephone installations in the UAE if you’re looking for the best telephone providers in Dubai. Over the last ten years, Maxinfotech  has been Dubai’s top leading IT company, delivering sufficient hardware and software IT services.

The PABX system is an important part of the technological infrastructure. It is the path that various types of information take from one source to another. It allows various corporate network contact points to communicate with one another over a secure private line. It also allows those same contact points to communicate with one another over an external line. 

PABX systems in Dubai and around the world function as a neural network, connecting various departments to facilitate the overall company’s unified functionality.

Maxinfotech has the technical expertise and industry experience to provide IP PBX Dubai within any infrastructure. We can help you set up a network for a start-up or a more extensive connection for your mid-sized business. 

We combine industry-leading craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and upgradeable systems to create a comprehensive network that is ready to handle any rate of growth, at any level.

 Cisco PBX 
Cisco PBX is the easiest way to change from old telephone systems to unified communications and collaboration in your organization’s branch unit. Cisco PBX is a scalable, cost-effective, and easy-to-deploy branch solution.

IP office Avaya

Avaya IP Office, an all-in-one communication solution, addresses the communications needs of small and medium-sized businesses by allowing home offices, standalone businesses, and networked branch and head offices to collaborate.


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